So the good news in my  journey is that no matter what weight I am I do have the support of my friends.  They send me photos such as the one I have featured.  Especially when I say things like:

If I wasn’t able to do it on my own for the past 13 years then why now? 


That photo above would be the 160lb me.  HMR used me in an advertisement and that is the photo they used.  I feel like I have let them down.   My friends say do it right this time… quit being lazy… IT’S JUST SO HARD!

I will never know why I let my negativity get in the way of so many things, I just do.  Something I have to beat myself first.  I have to like myself first.  I think when I started HMR I was doing it for too many of the wrong reasons and not enough of the right reasons.

I have not worked out since July 30th.  At that time I rain 6mph which I have never don before I just felt the need to.  Now I am out of breath going up my stairs at my house and I feel 10lbs heavier than what I really am.  (Then again I am sick too.)

My friends comment things like: “You should be proud, keep going.”  “Keep pushing yourself, you can do amazing things.”

Friends can be an amazing thing and for that and their support, I thank them.