Well I promise I will not make a habit of posting twice a day, just rare occasions.  (Hope everyone gets a long weekend.)

So tonight my little boy asked me to sleep with him.  It’s usually Daddy or Mommy.  Well maybe it’s because I am sick (although I doubt it) but tonight it hurt to lay in that bed.  So I of course got up and asked my husband to come up to lay with him and he was so upset.

Now you think that would motivate my butt to come back downstairs to put in a Zumba Wii Game or something and start.  Well no.. the first thing I did was message a friend.  She said…

You can do it, you just don’t want to do it bad enough yet.  You have gotten comfortable.


She also sent me the photo above along with some others.  (I will save them for a rainy day.)  Now this friend is the most honest person I have ever met… period…hands down.  She is right I guess when I wanted it before it was most definitely for other reasons that were not my own.  I decided to start this blog to hopefully help me find it again.  Her next words to me were:

The problem is you have quit caring.  You need to set goals and challenges for yourself. One day at a time start making change not excuses.

She even offered to come work out with me.  I bug my cousin to work out with me too because she is a workout goddess and a maniac.  Not to mention gorgeous.

So who knows, maybe I can do it.