So those may not sound so good together but that was basically my dinner tonight.  We had Brats on the grill, mac and cheese, peas, salad, tons and tons of fruit, and then later on Carrot Cake. (Homemade of course).  So… my immediate thoughts… if I did HMR and only ate about 900 to 1100 calories a day why can I not do it again?  Is that just not me?  Since I still continue to use My Fitness Pal I at least realize that I eat a shit-ton of calories.  (Sorry if that word offends you.)

Now my children are not overweight and usually eat more than myself and my hubby.  Then other times they eat maybe a package of PB crackers and they are done and full.  They have been running around a lot today which is what their Mommy should have been doing.

My parents visit usually every Saturday and Sunday.  Tonight before they left my Dad said I am going to have to go to the gym for 2 hrs in the morning now instead of my usual 1 after this meal.  So I think to myself maybe I can wake my butt up at 4am and go with him.  (YEAH RIGHT)

So my friend that is supportive of me… said water water water… did I drink any today? NO…. Oooops.

So I am negative if you haven’t picked that up yet.  I disappoint someone yet again.  My son begged me again to sleep with him and I said not tonight babe.  So Daddy is in there with him and every now and then I hear him cry out.  He has been a huge Mommy’s boy today and I love that.


I couldn’t have said it better…. I think I will leave on that photo.  It says so much.