I have no better title.  This is gonna be a short post.

So….today I have not felt so hot. My stomach is doing the after gallbladder removal spasms. My eyes have been blurry like the start of a migraine.  Then there is my arms tingling with my legs. So wth….

I must say these last few days we have laughed and danced as a family and I have missed that so much. 

Laughter is good for you!!

I am not sure where my kiddos get it but they are so full of it. Jokes, goofy-ness, and just so amazingly sweet. I am the luckiest!

Nicholas came home with a not so good pre assessment but other than that.

Lately the hour before bedtime we listen and dance to You Tube videos. Our 3 year old knows most of the words to American Kids, my daughter….well…
She is a Country Girl..Shake It For Me.

She is 2, so I told her not to shake it until she is 30 and asked her if she understood. Her reply, “No I want to shake it ”

My 8 year old is a fan of Ready Set Let’s Ride…Although he does avoid the words ass and damn.

So in weight world…GUESS WHAT….
I stayed within my calories today!  How was your day? Did you get off track? (Don’t say mess up.) Did you sleep thru the day because you are sick and therefore didn’t eat at all? Are you marathon training? Are you super mom who works out and takes care of the babes? I know someone in all these status’ right now. To each there own.

I can’t tell you what diet to do or how to lose weight. You have to go with what works for you! Not everyone is made the same way so what works for one may not work for another.

You see that 400lb girl eating that Big Mac…give her a break because she could have dropped 100lbs. You see that 100lbs girl eating salad? Give her a break because Big Macs make her sick and she has feelings too. She doesn’t want to hear you are too skinny or go eat a cheeseburger. We all have feelings.

Watch them!