Like the song says I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I feel like I have been sick for three weeks. Which well I have. So I dragged my butt into Urgent Care.

I did notice that I feel better when I eat better.

Last night I got up and danced with the kids. After about two minutes I couldn’t breath well and felt awful so I stopped.

Today an obituary came out for a girl I used to work with, she was 29. She died yesterday. I am so sad for her children. She has three little girls. If it was up to me I would have a dozen. I love kids just can’t afford them all. Heck we can barely afford the 3 we have. $70.00 for each sport season or more. Equipment for those sports. New clothes and shoes on off season. Luckily I have some amazing parents who buy clothes so the kids aren’t always in goodwill clothes or hand-me-downs.

I still want another child and my husband does not. That in itself is tough for me. I know I struggle with my weight, I know life would be easier at a lower weight that I experienced for a month.

I know a lot of these things. Why I cannot fix them is another question. I don’t know. I did attempt to fix one aspect in our life yesterday and that is finances. My only problem with finance now is that my paycheck only covers the sitter and nothing else. I work as a temporary and if I got hired on I would get free Insurance so it would cover a lot more. However I would go from no copay to copay. 😦 It would save us about 400 a month.) I am just having a hard time being away from my kids right now. And I mean horrific time.  It shows at night too, they cling and I love it. I just miss them. I know every parent does.

Decisions Decisions

So I write this as I am sitting in a room at our local Urgent Care Center hoping for an answer.  (I am also starving.)

Yesterday I was home and I sent my husband a message that just said “you should come home”….so he did. That never ever happens. It was a wonderful suprise. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Another thing that makes me smile is this beautiful girl. She wanted to wear her big brothers PB shirt which was now too small for him. So we let her.


Well I am not dying.. I have bronchitis and a sinus infection and he said very close to pnemonia.