I know I skipped a day but my thoughts yesterday we the same as previous days so I thought it better to not bore the ten of you that follow me. Haha

So literally right now we were at the gas station and I could see something buldgy (my new word). Then I realized it was me.

On the loud and proud side  I am under my calorie goal for today and we are getting ready to go on a sweat and paint our house binge. Everyone feel free to come join in on that fun.

So on a depressing side…I was released from my temp assignment today. I got really sick the past three weeks. I had notes and all but they let me go. It was taking too long to get hired anyway. Honestly I am happy about it. I was so bored. Like other jobs I got my hopes up anyway.

Did I mention my most wonderful awesome friend had her book released on Amazon yesterday. It is called Persuading Tomorrow. You should check her out. I am half way thru and love it. I love that I have talented friends too lol

So I always hear people say they ruin their diets on weekends and eat more then. I am the opposite I eat better in weekends then weekdays. I guess because I am consumed with my kids more and more active on weekends too.
(Side note: my bonus son is in the backseat singing Drink to That with a huge country twang. Haha)

I am still laughing, he is a bigger fan of Country Music then I think I am. His Mom is musically inclined and I have always played music on the violin and piano, loved orchestra and theater in HS. I actually miss it. TONS. So I guess he gets it honest. A little sad we didn’t get to boogie down. However we are all going to go work on our old house tonight since we have a viewer tomorrow. Wow RUSHED

I think we have been in and out about 10 times today. That in itself wears a girl out. Especially of my size.

I will leave you with the following…