So painting a house is a pain…no wonder painters charge so much. Wowzers. My feet are killing me from standing and my hands are killing me from holding a brush and roller. Even the ends of my toes hurt!!! Lol

So now that you have listened to me whine. Waaaah….

Doing this work is getting me back into my work groove so just maybe I will go workout!! Maybe…I should get rid of the maybes right.


I need to move forward!!!! We all can right? I need to be comfortable with who I am and my body. I am far from it honestly!

Motivation is hard to find. Sometimes you need a bit of reality to make a change. What do I mean? We are in reality you say? Some people are in denial…for instance a drug addict. .they always think they will never overdose but know it’s a possibility and happens but no not to them.

Well I need a dose of boom….II need to make a change!!!!! I Need…wait. maybe my problem is I am saying need and not want. Geez….words can be so confusing sometimes.

WORDS!!!! (Or the bitter ramblings of a large girl)