Well today we worked hard again at our old house. Trying to clean it up and get it sold. My arms, legs, and back are so sore. Hopefully I burned some calories.

The bad part.  I ate 2 slices of choice plate pie. My mom made it. My parents were wonderful enough to watch the wee ones so we could work. I missed the so so much.

Now our 3 year old…honestly I am worried about him. I don’t know how to describe it but always have been. He is super smart but always afraid of autism or something. I worry that I won’t be strong enough for him.  Also that I worry for nothing.

I think my stomach is flip flopping. I keep thinking I will kick it into high gear. I am using the Pact app. Earning money for logging into MFP and eating and logging veggies. Keeps ya accountable. It also has a gym option. If you miss a day you pay at least 5.00 for that day if not more.

I tried Healthy Wage once too….lost $400.00. I had a chance to make $600.00. Believe me I am not the person who can afford that either.

Well eveeyone I am freezing so my typing has ended for now. Brrrr