So pre-warning… this post is not so much about weight-loss and food although I will touch on it, but more of me venting. 

So I know this has an opportunity to reach the people I am venting about it but for once


So vent number 1:

Do you know that when you are trying to sell a property you would rather not take a loss on it, right?  However current situations have us to where we just need it gone.  We cannot afford the house payment on it and the one we are living in.  We don’t want to rent it anymore because some people don’t know how to take care of things no matter what they write in their 8 page letter to you stating that they do.  When the agreement says no pets, we mean it… NO PETS.  So now we have pee stained hard wood floors and no way of cleaning it up other than pulling the entire floor out and replacing it or taking a chance on stripping those areas and in hopes of matching it with stain (fat chance right). 

So we had a few problems in the house one of which we 100% had to fix ourselves because it’s just a crappy made window.  (Can I say crappy in a blog?)  We allowed our renters to paint because well we thought they were buying it.  WRONG.  So the paint is all dark paint so we had to repaint three rooms (the one I did not mind because our first renters were amazing).  Just bummed the 1st ones didn’t buy it.  We kinda think they realized the house was too big, but they did have other property in other states that was not selling. 

So the problems we have had to fix:  there was a HUGE patch job in one of the bathrooms which they at least used the left over paint we had left to paint over it but the patch is awful.  Two pee stains on the hardwood,  A broken kitchen sprayer, the master bath has a black stain on the carpet and they all smell like smoke and animals (so we have to have them replaced), there was a hole in the back porch siding.  There were pee stains on the from sidewalk.  The list just goes on and on so why in the world would you think you get your full deposit back IDK. 

So vent number 2:

As I have stated before I am a mother of 2 and a bonus mother of 1.  They are wonderful kids and we expect a lot from all of them.  (Probably too much.)  So our schedule has changed with our bonus child that we now keep him during the school weeks.  He goes to a school in our area instead of his mom’s.  He is doing quite well at school and is calm.  Goes to bed when asked (sometimes with a little fight because he wants to kiss his sister a billion times goodnight; sometimes with no fight).  So his mom is a realtor and we listed our home through family.  Why wouldn’t we.  So her response when she noticed it went on the market:

Thanks for taking away my ability to pay off my debt and take our son to Disney.

Okay so 1st of all… you took half of someone’s 401K that he has worked his ass off for claiming you helped support them in school when he as the one that always had a job!  So you know thanks for that.  2nd of all you took a crap-load of money for your part of the house and he took all the debt that you had; so what the hell kind of debt do you have?  Plus your Dad gave you money and kept it secret so you wouldn’t have to claim it when listing accounts during the divorce.  I can’t say all this to your face because we don’t always ask for you to pay your part in the bills and schooling that your son has because it has to be paid for anyway so what’s the point in asking for it when you know we pay for it anyway.  I don’t complain about that I don’t complain about buying new clothes or pants or 150.00 for cub scouts when he was only in it for 2 meetings. 

WARNING: Random venting not really to do with the situation.  Now granted we don’t do child support because to me that is just dumb… you had the kid together you each pay your part when you have him.  To me that makes more sense than anything.  Even if I was poor and had no job I wouldn’t expect someone to pay for child support, it would be up to me to make that money.  Now granted if the other person wanted nothing to do with the child and never in there life then just give up your rights instead of stringing the child along.  I hate that too.    I have a friend of mine who has worked her entire life supporting her children and trying to give them the best of the best.  I call her a Mom and a Dad.  There is a sperm donor in there somewhere who maybe cared here and there.  I just don’t get some parents.  Why have kids if you are not going to take care of them.  Get fixed so you don’t have kids or get your shit together.  Seriously. 


So now to what most of you read my blog for! lol  I just happened to stroll on to Pinterest today…. OMG please tell me I am not the only one that is obsessed.  I even want to have a Pinterest Party but everyone thinks I am nuts.  lol  5b34f14c735144768701ab4d8c9c27a6

Any takers to do this with me?  Come on… you know you want to!  I pinned about five or six but this one is calling my name.  I hate jumping jacks by the way.  They hurt my ankles.  I also cannot do a lunge to save my life.  SERIOUSLY! 

Today I went way over my calories, and I stayed home and did absolutely nothing today.  I just wanted to sleep.  I was exhausted.  I guess all that work caught up with me.  Tomorrow I have a ton to do though, I would love to think that burning calories the next day counted for the previous day! lol  I stared at my HMR food today and thought hmm… maybe I can at least eat it for lunch and make a shake every now and then.  Just to save some calories and attempt to fill up and watch my portions.  Tonight I fixed some Ramen noodles and I know I went overboard with my serving. However my daughter ate about half of mine anyway! lol 

Bonus child has to run Thursday so hoping it doesn’t rain.  If not he is definitely running on Sunday.

So I am now no longer frustrated thanks to you all.  I am however freezing to death in my house.  My son wants to sit on my lap so I will cut the weight section short.  Thanks for always reading!!