I am not sure I have ever been so worn out in my life. After dinner tonight a Nerf War occurred. 


Even my baby girl can hold her own. 

It was the most fun we have had in awhile and the best part. FREE!

So I I have a few addictions….

1) Pinterest
2) Netflix (I was watching Burn Notice and finished that so a friend has me hooked on Doctor Who.)
3) Reading on Kindle. (Currently reading J Laslie’s Persuading Tomorrow and  His Needs Her Needs)

I also use these to relax.

I have been looking at a lot of motivational sites and all.


My problem I never fight thru the tired. 

So the good news. I have been eating less and therefore down 3 lbs in a week. I will take it!! I have not do anything huge. So I don’t feel like I have earned it. Is that me just being negative? Is that me saying nothing is good enough?

I am negative and I know it. I used to be so positive. What happened?