Someone please tell me at what point did I become old and completely exhausted by 8:30?

My wonderful husband let me sleep and then we ran around all day then a wonderful party!


He turned 1!! Lots of running with the kids!!!

Although my food choices were not so smart! 2 hotdogs, 10 chips, 2 cupcakes, 2 cookies and 2 sour patches later! Needless to say I am hungry now lol. I also burned 150 calories on a a Big Red.

I need to remember I am worth it. The good news I had celery for lumch but way behind on veggies for my Pact! Yikes! Who can afford $5.00 per missed veggie? Not me.

Good motivator to eat healthier.

Today I also need to check in with my accountability partner!! I was supposed to do a race called the Rugged Maniac but kinda wimped out after I started gaining. My cousin and I ran together last year so this year I gave mine to her bf. They had fun but man it was cold. II a bummed I wimped out. 😦 There is always next year!!

So it is now bedtime and we are watching Doc McStuffins. (I know you are all jealous.) The walkie talkie is talking about how much he loves his partner. I wish that was happening in life. I also have a 50 lb weight on me lol. I wouldn’t change that for the world. One day he won’t want a thing to do with his Mommy.


So at the end of this month is the fundraiser Pampered Chef party I am having. A wonderful friend of mine is trying to raise money for her daughter. Here is there direct link if you are interested in donating. I have also attached the link to purchase pampered chef in case you want some product and help Abby.

Arby’s Journey Back to Normal

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

I don’t normally beg people for money but my friend has been a single mom all her life with no support from her two daughters Dad. She needs all the help she can get and since I don’t have the $8000.00 to give her I gave $100 and offered to fundraise. Even $1.00 would help!! Please share as well. I greatly appreciate any help.

WEIGHT UPDATE: Down 5lbs!!! Yeah baby!!