Did you know that 68% of Americans are overweight or obese?  I am in that category.  I want to get out!

Oh what to do what to do.  So as you know we are trying to sell our home.  We got an offer today for $15,000 less than what we are currently asking.   Which also happens to be $24,000 less than where we started!  😦  I am bummed because we have literally worked our butts off to get it to where it is at today!  There is still two large rooms to paint and the carpet to replace.  Thursday the carpet cleaner is coming to clean the carpets and at some point this week we are getting some broken glass window/door fixed and installing new carpet this week.

Ohhh woe is me.  HAHA

Okay I need to calm down.  We were over there working all day today so lots of exercise for me today.  I suppose I should feel rewarded for all my hard work!


My 20 year old cousin tweeted today:   “I will never understand how people can sleep around and have sex with people who don’t mean anything to them.”  Oh boy… where do I even start with that statement.  How many of you just want to voice your opinion right now? lol Go ahead I don’t mind!  Because boy do I!  However to remain well me I will keep them to myself! lol

I spoke with my accountability coach, yeah that sounds good to me, today.  She asked what my plan was for the week.  I wanted to respond well up until about a hour ago it was to work at our old house all week and keep it going.  Now I don’t know I feel like I am stuck.  Tuesday a friend of mine does Zumba and I used to love it.  I am still so disappointed in myself for gaining all that weight back after I worked my butt off to lose it all.  Why did I do that?  Was I not happy at the lower weight?  I remember tasting Frito’s again and thought ewe too salty.  SO WTH?

I tend to think we all have a chubby little kid inside of us saying eat that, eat that, eat that.  (I should mention while typing this I started Hunger for Change on Netflix).  Yeah I’m crazy!!

Speaking of crazy this time last year I did a race called The Rugged Maniac.  Have you heard of it?  I absolutely loved it!!!  Now I was about 60lbs less so I didn’t do it this year I gave my spot to my other cousin’s boyfriend.  (Isn’t that nice of me.)  I am a little bummed I didn’t go but in my defense she said it seemed harder this year.  So go me!! lol

SO back to Hunger for a Change documentary.  They are talking about eating food being an addiction.  I 100% agree with that.  They seriously said chemicals that could have an addictive component are within these foods.  MSG!!!!  EVIL!!

Did you know that MSG is in 80% of all foods?  It makes you want to eat more.  It excites a part of your brain that is in charge of the fat program.  According to this guy on the TV everyone knows this!  He said if you want to study obesity Google MSG Obesity induced mice.  You know what I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!


Induced Mice

Okay well now they are talking about Aspartame and Diet Cokes.  Well now I think I am sold to stop drinking Diets!!! OMG!  How many of you are Diet soft drink drinkers?

Hungry For Change