So this weekend was a crazy day lol

Friday we met a guy at our old house to get some quotes. Then met my parents and friend’s for a not so healthy dinner. They had amazing fries though.

Saturday we went to the American Heart Association Walk with the kiddos this year. Last year it was just the hubs and I. Also we did not take a stroller. Let me repeat DID NOT take a stroller. We had a banana and granola bar there before walking. Then started. When we got to the take the short route or the long route my husband said we have the kids let’s shorten it. I said nah let’s just go with the kids. Boy was that a horrible idea. About a minute away from the turn Hubby and the boys went away and I carried our 26lbs daughter. Which slowed me down so much that we were the last ones. So when we crossed paths again we turned around. I carried her about 2 miles. For an overweight girl yikes.


The picture is about the only moment she walked. I think she was overwhelmed with the crowd.

So on the way back about 1/4 of a mile left my handsome 45 lb 3 year old says my legs hurt. Now my husband said he ran most of it. (When I say 45 lbs let me emphasize that he is huge. Very tall for his age. He is well above my waist. Everyone says football player lol). So I picked him up and carried him over my shoulder to the end. OMG.

They did so well we let them play in the water when they were done. My daughter didn’t want to though.


They were naked on the way home.

Saturday was also our date night because our 5 year anniversary was Sunday. So my wonderful cousin did my hair. Curls and all…


I hate this pic…huge disappoint in myself for gaining so much back.

Anyway….After that I picked up our cute cake. Will came with me…He is a Mommy’s boy and I love it. Got ready when we came home then my wonderful parents arrived to watch the kiddos.

My husband and I probably drove around for 30 minutes before figuring out where to eat. We were clueless. We ended uo at BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company). Needless to say I was so not impressed. Or none at all. I have an addiction to hot brown and it was okay but not awesome. For your 5th wedding anniversary you need awesome!!

My husband had bought tickets to Chicago that a friend of mine was in. I was expecting disappointment because the theater was small and the chairs were painful lol. It was wonderful!! I was highly impressed.


We them headed home we were both so exhausted from that walk. (My legs are still weak and killing me.)

Sunday our actual anniversary was a little less crazy lol. We did go take down a trampoline from my cousins and put it up at our house.  The kids were so so excited. They were filthy when they were done but excited lol


A piece broke which made me sad but that’s okay just no adults on it lol


The kids were filthy afterwards so to the bath it was.

Pizza was our shared dinner with my amazing parents and then we dug into the most adorable cake. Sorry I deleted that photo already or I would share it too lol

Next weekend is a busy one too. I have the fundraiser for Abby next weekend…Please visit to donate.