Bonus points to anyone who can finish that song! lol (Without looking it up… come on now I could have done that.)

Today was my first official day as a SAHM!!!  I think it is what I needed to be me… the true me that I used to be.  It has kind of been back since Friday and my only reasoning is that I knew I was going to be with my children.  I am sure now it is where I am supposed to be.  Where I need to be.  I am so so so so so happy to be here.  We had a good time today too.

So I don’t know if I mentioned it but my husband bought me two new sets of wedding rings.  The first set was too small but gorgeous. The second set I got on our actual anniversary and I am staring at it now.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am such a lucky girl!!! This set I am wearing now has an anniversary band on it!  Super excited about it.

So I am still trying to figure out this food thing out.  My goal is to get up to 5 fruits and veggies a day or 2 fruits and 3 veggies.  I had 4 today so not too bad.  Unfortunately 2 were bananas and 2 were veggies.  So I told my accountability coach that 3 a day was my goal this week.  Also 30 minutes minimum for 3 days however today I felt the need to do at least 10 minutes of hard core cardio on the bike.  I did it too!  For some reason I just needed to work out for those 10 minutes.  I feel the need to do 10 more right now as hard as I can.  I hear that is actually better than 30 minutes at one time because you wear out by the time you get to the end but this way you burn more calories.  It’s a start.  Eventually I would like to do 15 min bursts instead of 10.  I am a work in progress what can I say.


I did that today.  I made myself proud.  So what about you?  What did you accomplish today?  Did you get everything done you wanted to get done?  My accountability coach is also hosting a FB group discussion on No More Perfect Mom.  I am hooked after the 1st chapter but figured I should wait until I see what’s going on with the group.  Just excited to read it.

I mean she has a point that we do all raise ourselves up to be this perfect image.  This image on the outside of perfect so everyone will see us as that.  I used to tell my husband he was perfect.  To me perfect but maybe not the worlds idea of perfect.

Today when my bonus son got home from school he always sits down and does his homework right away; which he did.  Then the kids and I started making paper plate ghosts.  He wanted to join in too so I gave him a few minute break just to make one too!  He was excited.  He got to make his paper plate pumpkin yesterday.  I am going to try to do a craft a week if not more.  (Pinterest of course)

The kids are so talented and have such a wide imagination!!  I am so proud of them.  Tomorrow is supposed to be our first Mom’s group meeting at the park.  A nature walk.  Of course I am not that enthusiastic about it and excited about it.  We are also running out of food in the house so I can’t pack us a lunch.  We are supposed to meet at 10:30am about 20 minutes away.  Hopefully the kids wake up at a decent hour so I don’t have to rush to get us out the door.  I can’t really pack much more than PB crackers and bananas.  I have some turkey that neither of the kids will eat.  We also have some jalapeno Cheetos which the little one loves!!

So yet again… I am watching Doctor Who.  I cannot help that I am addicted to this show.  Did I ever mention that a friend of mine got me hooked on it and now I cannot stop.  Right now I am getting ready to move on to the 3rd Doctor in the series.  I know how this ends because I did something stupid and went ahead and watched the end of the series! haha… can’t help it… makes me nervous.