That’s all I have to say for this title because no words can explain this day.

Today I volunteered at my son’s school.  I wasn’t hungry when I woke up and honestly didn’t think about it so didn’t eat until he ate lunch at 11am. I know I know bad idea.  It just kind of slipped my mind.  I am pretty sure my metabolism died a long time ago.  Not sure if it’s coming back or not.  We will see I suppose.

I am so worn out today.  We took about a 2 hr walk and not to mention after we went to the Grocery with 3 lively kids for 2 hrs.  Drives me nuts.  The kids went insane and I felt like they were not my kids.  Someone explain to me again why we keep going with all three kids?!?  NUTS!!!  That’s why.  How many of you have done the same thing?  How many carts do you have to use?  Do you budget?

I must say this time we had 2 carts full and we do budget but blew through it this week due to the fundraiser Sunday for Abby.  If you need a refresher remember you can visit her fundraiser page at

So after all this walking and grocery my feet are killing me.  I forgot to mention that earlier today as well I went to a consignment sale and bought the oldest and youngest a ton of clothes.  They need it.  Will is the only one that is lucky because he gets hand me downs. I found a few books as well.  I really just want to do a book exchange because he is reading the same books and getting a little bored.

I am very random tonight I can feel it.  For instance my eye caught the words that I am typing down to the right side.  Yeah I think I am a little distracted.

Do you ever fight with yourself?  I keep going back and forth with stay at home with my kids or go back to work.  Why are decisions so hard?