Wow five days. Sorry to those who actually read my ramblings. I guess I am out of focus this week.

I am a little off today. My husband said cranky. Then as I brushed my teeth before bed I was unhappy with what was staring back at me. (This hurts to share this btw.)


It was right before bed so give me a break.  But this photo is not me. My after shot is me. Now granted I am eating more fruits and veggies and managed to lose 8 lbs on this 2nd journey we will call it.

One day I even hit 6 veggies. Super proud then. I even hit my Pact early. Now I have upped it for next week to 21 for a week so I should be good. Especially if I eat with my son again. I am trying to add fruits and veggies more to family meals. Even though I had french fries with dinner tonight I also had apple peels (my kids dislike them), corn, and baby carrots. So see go me. I have been logging MFP like crazy!!!

What I have not been doing: EXERCISE!!! What is my problem?  Now I did decided tomorrow we are doing this family fun fest or fitness fest. IDR.

How can I teach my kids healthy habits if I am not healthy myself? I am not a perfect mother but I need to be right.

I am a big family person. Maybe because I am an only child. Maybe because I love parties. I asked my mom not too long ago why we didn’t hang out as a family anymore, distant cousins and all. She said because one of them called me fat and I didn’t want to go back. I don’t remember that but now that she told me it is all I can think about. Now we still don’t hang out much but I see her daughter a ton and she watches our kids. She is absolutely fabulous.

I was never hugely teased about my size in school but never popular.  I am still not popular. I am not a popular mom. I am not the one you want to hang with. I am just me with not a lot of whom I really call friends. Yes I have about 900 FB friends…but out of all of them probably 5 that would drop everything to help. That’s including my husband.

I never said I needed a lot but changing your life style sometimes you need a support system. 


I need to remember the above statement. Maybe make it my mantra. I am excited about tomorrow and so are my kids. They love to be outside. My husband I think just is going to be going because I want to. Now that the kids are getting older I feel like we need to do more things with them. It is harder when you have a baby. Not impossible.

Nothing I am saying is news.  Nothing is new. Everyone has heard this story before. I am not the only woman out there like this. (I struggle with the term woman and not girl.)

I did keep my vow to workout 3 days in a week so far. At least if we go tomorrow I will. I also have kept my at least 3 veggies and fruits a day. So I am going to vow to keep that going another week before changing. A little too freaked to mess it up.

Have you set yourself goals this week? Have you wrote them down or told anyone? You should, otherwise they are just thoughts in your head bouncing around.