So this morning was a big huge cleaning and cooking day. Fundraiser day. Plus I had made this delicious most amazingly perfect cheesecake. The best I have ever made.


OMG so good and creamy and worth all the 421 calories.

Yeah I know I keep on talking about losing weight and getting in shape and then I eat. I mean who would do that right? I just love food. It is so hard. Like a drug.

I know I did it once for 9 months so why is it hard now? Things happen. Disappoint happens. Discouragement happens. I let myself and my family down.

At the fitness fest this weekend I saw the ladies I worked with at my HMR meetings.  I felt like I was disappointing them. Why can’t I get over it? Why can I not move on?

My mom was over today. She bought me a Christmas gift from the Pampered Chef fundraiser. I am addicted to Pampered Chef and love all items. I love to cook though. She had also bought new shirts today and I loved them myself. She said well when you can get into them you can have them. Hmmm……

I do get it….eat your fruits and veggies, workout everyday at least 10 minutes. I know I shouldn’t over eat. I am not dumb!!