Well have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person. I mean sometimes once I get out of bed I am good but 80% of the time I am not.

I made enough noise to wake up my baby girl, I hate walking in to wake her. We are working on potty training so she went right away. They are getting too big. 😦

My 1st sad moment of the day is when I could toe my shoes like a normal person instead of like this:


That would be my legs sideways. I had to wear tennis shoes. Walking with the kids without them would be foot suicide. 

We are at the local Family Fitness Day. Pretty excited.

It was so much fun!! Lots of booths, lots of prizes and gifts. I even got my flu shot while we were there. My son ran half a mile which for a 3 year old wow. I had to push/run with my daughter in the stroller. I still had fun.



I seriously want one of these. So cool to practice your swing. The kids loved it. They also got to play cornhole. Does everyone know what that is? Didn’t know if it was a South East thing.

After we left here we went to a local Pumpkin Festival. The kids had a blast here too. Bouncies, games and their prize won was a squirting gun lol. I just love making memories especially when we are getting exercise too.


She is not afraid of a thing. Climbed right up all by herself and down she came. Lol So proud of the kids.

We did get her to take a nap when we got home then headed out for the hubby’s birthday celebration even if it is Monday. I splurged a bit…loaded baked potato and nasty green beans lol. I had a wonderful steak. Then home for cake and ice cream.


That was probably not in my calories for today lol

So worth it. With the exercise and all I was over 84 calories. Not bad really. I drank a ton of water.

Today is a new day. Pampered Chef Fundraiser here I come. Remember if interested in helping please go to http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/abby-s-journey-back-to-normal/190016