Anyone else not a morning person? I have been up for more than 2 hours and I am still struggling. Yes I have ate. Now I am currently watching UmiZoomi. I believe why I have no energy to work out. I want to go back to sleep.

I miss my morning banana too. Maybe why I am so stiff and sore. (Either that or old starts at 31.) I need to get up and moving.

I sent my goals in for the week which are working out Wed, Fri and Sat. My new veggie and fruit Pact starts today too. Wish me luck.

Did I mention I am reading No More Perfect Moms? I mostly feel like a horrible mom 80% of the time. I am too big to lay comfortably in my son’s bed with him so I break his heart. I am too big to run around and play with them without feeling self conscious about myself. I am exhausted all the time and too lazy to take them places. I like to sleep in and so does Izzy so we do that.
I even asked a friend to come over so I could rest from lack of rest lately. What is my problem?

Plus that book is right, I am always comparing myself with someone. Saying I am not good enough.

Can we say worst snack ever?


So I did work my butt off around the house for 2 hours today. As much as my feet hurt I am counting that as exercise.

My son had his last Track run and he might have finished last but has lost weight and improved by 4 minutes. I think he would have done better if he had ran alone. Now to keep him motivated here. Maybe it will keep me motivated