YES I AM!!!!  A friend of mine posted his get healthy video his work made him on FB.  It is quite motivating.  I wish I could share it.  So while I was in my motivated state of mind I moved to Pinterest!

I found a few good things…


Please go ahead and do 7000 jumping jacks.  I will catch up by starting with 7.  haha… I am not even sure I could do 1000.  Wow… any takers?  Feel free to let me know how you did! lol  Or if you are wanting to do that as a goal let me know how far you made it!!

So remember awhile back I said I had a lot of stomach issues after my gallbladder was removed?  Well that pain came back today.  I haven’t told anyone but the woman who watches our children.  I don’t know if I am too scared to tell my husband or worried that there is something more that they have not caught on their own.  I just don’t know and I wish I did know.  It is driving me absolutely mad.  So even though we couldn’t afford it I hired the sitter to come and watch the children today.  I had to take a pain pill in order for the pain to stop (which was my last one btw).  It took about 4 hours for it to kick and and I finally fell asleep. So I slept until I had to go get Nick.  I felt better when I woke up.  (Honestly now I am wondering if I have a gluten allergy.) My stomach just hurts all the time now.  Paranoid probably, right?


So I came across this lovely photo, one of the first ones I pinned on Pinterest.  I think I did it once.  So my goal is to do it at least 3 days a week.  I also found a nice yoga stretch one that opens up your hips.  (that sounds pervy) I did do that one as soon as I read it.

So the one above…. lets do it!!!!!!!

Yeah I am distracted again by Indecent Proposal.  I know it’s old but I have never seen it and I cannot sleep.  Gotta love Netflix.  I am also trying to avoid eating again but I am hungry!!!  I was under my calorie goal today by about 300.  Honestly though in the little bites my kids made me take I probably covered that 300.  I was taught that those B.L.T.’s add up too.  No it’s not bacon, lettuce, and tomato (even though that sounds excellent right now), it is Bite’s; Lick’s; and Taste’s.  All those calories add up too. We often forget to include those.  Myself included.

I try to keep track of everything on MFP and i mean everything.  Drinks, sips of water, sips of bourbon (even thought I hate it).  If you aren’t used to tracking it I would highly recommend it.

Change of subject… anyone ever seen this movie?  A million dollar bet?!?  WOWZERS!!! I remember in College a friend of mine dated someone who threw down 100,000 like I would 5.00.  I just cannot imagine that amount of money.