Many pressing thoughts. I finally got my husband to admit he was more attracted to me when I was smaller so why isn’t that enough to go back to that fit self I fought for?

I am an impatient person when it comes to something I want. I am also emotional, so when I found out my husband was not physically attracted to me, well it broke my heart. I haven’t been able to pick up those pieces.

I want to be attractive to him. I want that man that just cannot keep his eyes off of me. I want that passion and looming looks.

I guess I live in a fairy tale sometimes. I just know what I want and it is hard convincing me otherwise.

I made this lovely Kentucky Pie for a catering drop off. I wanted some so bad but I ate PB MMS while I worked. Bad idea I know.


I think cooking is my passion. (Cleaning the dishes afterwards is not haha.)

This post will be short for a few reasons, 1 I am on my phone and 2….I am consumed with thought but have to get up in 4 hrs to take my husband to the airport.