So I found my Fit bit in the diaper bag. Battery was still going strong.  So what is my problem now? I lost it again. Lol Hopefully it came off my pants in the bed or something. I wore it always. Even in a pool by accident. It never said waterproof but man was it. (Unlike my Dad who left his cell phone in his swim trunks.)


Thought I would start with this today. My problem is I don’t always learn from my choices. So today I decided I am going to. I will remember where I put that Fit Bit. I will remember to compliment each child every day. I will remember the important things in life and not dwell in the Perfect.

So being without my husband is driving me nuts. The kids are amazingly wound up. I don’t know how single mom’s do it. The three weeks he was gone were torture.

The good has been interesting. I am extremely full today but didn’t eat much.