Remember that fit bit I found? Well not anymore. I wore it 2 days and now it is gone. Lost in the bed attached to clothes idk. I haven’t had time to look. Plus if you know me I do not have a messy house. It has to be somewhere.

I was beginning to feel better again and now I am lost.

Who am I kidding I am always lost. I need to shape up, litterally.

Did I mention I auditioned for Biggest Loser once? I was so confident I thought I should stay in Chicago for call backs that did not occur. Good thing I didn’t huh.


So today was a busy running around day and then we went to a local festival and a late unhealthy dinner. WHEN I say unhealthy I mean sausage, eggs, blueberry pancakes and home fries.


I am so tired I cannot sleep and I should because I only slept 3 hrs yesterday. 

Such change. Such crazy. I think this is going to be a short post before I fall asleep and start rambling dumb things.