Wow we have packed so much into this week it is crazy. Fall break for my kiddos. We went to a local festival again so needless to say eating has not been healthy.


Lots of walking though. I had some delicious rolled oysters though. The kids got tons of free junk!  I think we have enough pencils to last thru High School lol.

My parents are leaving tomorrow for a month. It makes me more sad as the kids. I am very close to them. More so than ever. My 3 year old asked if he could go too.

Today we are staying a hour away from our home at a waterpark. We had fun and wore the kids out but they seem to not be wanting to sleep and wow foes that wear my husband out. In all honesty it makes me dislike him when he acts like this. I basically want to walk out the door with the kids and not come back.


My 3 year old went down a slide with my husband today we call the toliet bowl.

So today is a new day. Last night I got to rock my 2 year old to sleep. The most precious moment. Then I got to hold my 3 year old until he fell asleep too. It was a moment I would rather not forget. My headache however I would love to forget.

The beds we are in are so uncomfortable so we both slept like pooh. Baby girl woke up in the middle of the night.

So unhealthy breakfast again. They had some apples and oranges but I am not an eat an apple without cutting it and a butter knife wasn’t going to cut it.

So eggs, potatoes, sausage, and biscuits and gravy later lol

I am also still mad at my husband and just want to go home. Until dinner last night we were doing so well and l was the happiest I had been in awhile. Well that just went out the door. You may ask why I let it get to me? Because it is a never ending battle.

Lots of swimming and walking for us today.

Until later my friends.