So the water park just wore me out. Not to mention gave my kids burns from the intense Chlorine. The beds were horrible, the breakfast service stunk. They had no healthy options.

We went to dinner at a Mexican place one night and my kids had milk for 2.99. I had a frozen margarita for 1.99. Give them Margaritas next time right haha.

The kids however had a blast. That is all that matters. We played laser tag as well. OMG was that a blast. Even Will was having a blast. He is 3. Izzy ran with me. I got my butt handed to me.

The dinner afterwards was at Denny’s. I was not hungry so I didn’t eat.

Now my poor baby girl is miserably sick. Gotta love germs in a Splash Park lol

We stopped at my cousins 15th birthday and I did get 4 veggies in finally. However I am negative right now. I feel like I have gained 10 lbs. I feel miserable and have to do something. I know I say that a lot.  I did stop judging as much l. Not a lot of fit people were at this park and it made me feel better knowing there are struggles and ups and downs. I know it’s not just me.

I know all my struggles someone out there somewhere shares the same issues.

So I felt very very different today and told myself I had gained weight. How much I did not know. A few mi ute ago I decided to weigh. OMG 267lbs. 7 away from where I started the journey.  I cannot let it get there again. No way no how.

My daughter got sick tonight and I had this feeling if I do not get back to it I may not be there next time she is yelling and screaming for Mommy.

Time to get serious!!!!!