It is here….it has hit me……I am now sick with my babes. The oldest is still standing. Sniff sniff….aaaa choooo.

As my kids say I wub boo. Lol

I still managed to get my fruits and veggies in today.  My throat is killing me so if I had been smart I would have made it into a nice smooth and comforting smoothie.

No way will I get exercise in unless you count the hour of laundry and cooking meals today. This however is what I do when I am sick….


Nutritious right. I had hoped for raisins so I could make oatmeal raisin cookies.  However these sugar cookies are my popular cookie request!! New York Cheesecake is my most popular dessert period and Carrot Cake is my most popular cake.

I love love love to bake and cook. However as horrible as I am with finances I don’t think I will ever be good enough to own my own place. My husband calls that negative thinking.

So back to exercise…I have 2,951 steps today. I don’t see many more in my future today. What do you do when your sick?  What foods do you crave? Mine are grilled cheese and tomato soup. All I had was the grilled cheese.

My kids are keeping me entertained today and driving me nutty lol. I cannot wait until I feel better.


Humor to end the day.