So a few things I have been thinking while the whole family is sick and stuffy.  A.K.A Miserable…. 1.  I am a neat freak at all times except when sick.  My house looks like a tornado struck inside and threw things about.  I am having issues with it being such a mess.  However I feel so horrible right now I don’t even want to get up to fix myself some food let alone anything else.

2.  A shower really does go a long way with the way you feel.  3.   My kids are the sweetest things ever.  When I am sick I find them even more sweet and funny.  They brighten my day.  So when I feel like I am having a bad day I just look at them and things get all better.

4.  Never ever weigh yourself, sick or not.  The results are frightening.  The scale makes me hate myself.  I have no clothes because I gave them all away thinking I would never let myself get this big again.

When we are sick it brings us closer together as a family so I try not to let my negative thoughts consume us at all but let alone when I am sick.  (Should I mention I am typing this while my 2 year old daughter is throwing her blanket at my head and giggling.) Beautiful silly girl though.  She teaches me something new every day.

I am watching my son play on the Wii a Phineas and Ferb game (if he has to jump he lifts his leg up, so cute.)  While my son is playing a game my husband and daughter on on the floor putting together a puzzle.  I love watching their little minds work.

I am exhausted and I just want to go crawl in a hole and sit there.  Ugggg.  😦  My bonus child just got home from bowling with some friends.  He had fun but said it’s not the same as the Wii.  lol  We all love to bowl on the wii.  Glad he feels good because he is the only one in the family.  (Too bad he can’t cook dinner and do laundry, which I need to go do as I speak.)

So much for my awesome fruit and veggie streak.  😦