Well I am just worn out today and out of breath. Granted we were and are sick and stuffy. I usually want sick food when I am sick like soup and crackers lol

I am super proud this week’s recap I am over my veggies for the week. Unfortunately we have 2 veggie trays left over from a wedding and I dislike cauliflower so it will not be ate unless I cook it. Also had tons of green beans left over so munching on that. Then fruit trays are about gone. We are huge on fruit.

We had a Steamboat Festival this past weekend where I had a chicken gyro thing with no sauce but tons of veggies.   For dinner I had a baked potato the size of my head. So glad they had a stand. It was yum.

Friday’s wedding not only did I cater and DJ and help the flow but my kids were in it.



I managed to capture a father daughter dance with my daughter and husband. She might want to use it at her wedding. Idk.

Was not so good with exercise with the exception of Friday’s wedding. Did well with steps.

I need to ask myself if I am ready to do this for me. I hate being overweight but I hate not eating. Such a struggle and a huge personal one at that. I almost think it is an addiction. What do you guys think?

So next week’s challenge. 3 days of 30 minute workouts and 4 fruits and veggies a day. I can do it!!!!