Well I have this post I wrote on my phone and cannot get it to post.  Not really sure why it is doing it. So I guess you miss my ramblings for that day.  Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything huge.

Today I have had a headache from what can only be explained as hell.  It has not gone away since 1:30am.  Woke me up multiple times, etc.  So my wonderful husband came home to help me with the kids.  Which I was grateful for.  I actually slept off and on until 3:30pm when he came to tell me they were running to the store.  Will stayed with me instead of going with Daddy.

So I have been addicted to some FB games.  I cannot help it.  I can’t seem to get away from them. They do relax me.  Today is not a relaxing day though.  I have tried.  I am still reading the No More Perfect Moms book, but I am about 2 chapters behind right now.  This past week was just so crazy busy.

October is always busy for us.  Halloween!!!  Izzy wants to be Minnie and Will Mickey.  Of course I am making Will’s so I don’t have to spend a pooh load on a costume.  Nick wants to be Steve from Minecraft so very very easy!!

So today I have not ate very much let alone enough fruits and veggies.  I am on 2 veggies for the day and that’s it.  My husband bought me tomato soup but it was a generic off brand and honestly doesn’t taste very good so I have to add some flavor to it.

Has anyone ever watched Orange is the New Black?  HAHAHA… That’s all I need to say about this.

In other news:  GUESS WHAT?!?? I have an interview tomorrow for an Event Coordinator.  Dream job!!!!  Wish me luck.  If i even really want to work, sometimes I do not know what I want anymore.  Anyone else have that problem?  I think I have forgotten what is important and forgotten who I am.