Well wowzers!!!  2 days of not eating much lands you 5lbs lighter. Not really the way I wanted to go about it.  On the plus side, I ate 6 veggies and no fruits today.  Kinda different but we went to a local dinner theater and I had a bunch of veggies.  Proud of myself but hard to calculate on the MFP (My Fitness Pal).  What do you do when you go out to eat?  Do you research the menu before you go out if you know where you are going?  Do you order the low calorie meal that is suggested on the menu or do you say hey we’re out I can eat what I want?

So I realized that at night I stay up later than everyone else, but why?  To exercise?  HELL NO!  I am either playing a game on FB or watching Netflix or both at the same time.  Sometimes I am writing and cutting up magazines and coupons.  My latest addictions on FB are Cafeland, Criminal Case, and Kitchen Scramble (which I also have on my phone.)  Can we say I have issues? lol  My go to Netflix are Dr. Who (which I finished so moved on to Torchwood and the old Dr. Who) and Orange Is the New Black.

My kids are addicted to games even the 3 year old.  The 2 year old not so much and I would love love love to keep it that way.  The 3 year old likes playing on the Wii and my 8 year old loves everything but especially Minecraft.  He is going to be Steve for Halloween.