This book I am reading is really getting me thinking about everything in life.  I might have mentioned it before, No More Perfect Moms.

One of the most important things in one of the chapters is friends.  Each chapter has a video to go along with it.  There is an area where they talk about a friend that you can just call up and say hey can you watch my kids tonight and then I will watch yours another night.  I have no one that I can call for that.  I have one friend that I can call and I am pretty sure if she wasn’t working like crazy that she would be there if she could.  Other than that I have no real close friends.  I also have a male friend I have been friends with since 1st grade.  There have been a few times that we have gone 6 months without talking but then we just pick back up where we left off.

Friends are important through life.  I always wanted to be friends with a couple so we could double date.  Now to be honest I am not sure we are going to make it as a couple our self.  I think sometimes we just go through the motions.  Every now and then we smile at each other like there is still a spark.  Then we go to sit on the couch, me on one end and him on the other.  Every now and then our feet graze one another.

I actually looked in the mirror the past two days and I liked the way I looked.  I thought I looked cute.  I was comfortable.  Did I get a you look nice?  NOPE!  His excuse is that his family never complimented him so it is not in him.  Now while I am being honest… his mom is so mean about him.  I hate the way she talks about him.  He is one of the most successful people in his family and the most successful as far as his last name goes.  I hate that.  He has worked so so hard for where he is today.  Put himself through school with his own money and no one else’ help.  Then he got his Masters.  I am super proud of him for everything he did.  I just wish his family saw it the same way.