I am not sure what to call today. I enjoyed all the junk I had this weekend and last week but at what cost? I mean I feel miserable and gained 5lbs. Where is the joy in that?

I am only at 2 of five fruits and veggies today and they are both fruits. I need 3 veggies at least. I am craving a baked potato actually. Don’t worry I hate sour cream so no chance of that nasty on there. I do try to weigh and limit myself on foods.

Today has been a huge off day for me. Ever just wake up and do not feel right? Ever just want to junk it up? Sometimes I thi k I am not ready to lose weight again, then I look over at 3 beautiful kids and think nope I need to do it for them.


I can do this!!! No more excuses!!! No more crazy mama! Lol I want to take the kids to Disney next year so I better get my butt in gear to be in better fit state and ready to rock and roll with them.

I know I should do it for me but I these kids are my life. I need to do it for them too. I am hoping after my 6pm meeting and dinner that as a family we will do Zumba for at least 30 minutes.

Better decision number 1….

Instead of the elevator! 🙂

Guess what I did today!!! 5 Fruits and Veggies!!!! Proud of myself.