So last night was date night.  After I got out of the shower and decided to put my Spanx on it made me realize how big I got.  OMG.  WOW!  I also realized I have maybe 2 or 3 pairs of pants I can wear and the same with shirts.  However you should see my closet.  In fact I will take a photo and add it to the post later.  I am just so embarrassed that I gained everything back.

So my husband said if I wanted to do the diet again ad if I was serious, he would pay for it again.  However he said this time it has to be a lifetime change.  I do not know what was wrong with me and why I wasted all that time and money not to mention effort and gained it all back.  I look at my healthy little kids and realize they need me to look up at not to be this huge girl on the couch.

SO this morning we did a lot of Wii Fit and Wii games that required us to stand.  Now my 2 year old doesn’t get it but she wants to play every now and then.

Needless to say I am making a phone call on Monday and see if I can’t get back involved with everything and see where I can start.

I am done being disappointed in myself.  I feel so awful and I know what it is like to feel healthy and good.  I want to go back there so… I AM!!!!!!

I hope some of you join me and get back to it or start a new with me.  I could use some friends along the way.