Well I just keep on gaining.  Of course a ton of American’s do over the holidays.  However I am officially the largest I have  ever been.  So I decided to start a HMR journey once again.  If I don’t then I think I will just keep on gaining and gaining and I really don’t want to do that.  I want to be happy again.  I keep forgetting what happiness is.  I remember feeling and being more healthy.  I wan to get back to that.

Now I usually always make resolutions.  I am not sure that I ever keep them so this year I have decided not to make any. 

I want to be a better mom to my children no matter what I do or look like.

On January 5th I will post stats and then keep them going every Monday. So at least look for my weekly blogs if not daily.  I am a little down today because I had the flu this week so I missed work, then off today for New Years Day.  Then back to work for one day.

Now unfortunately me working this one day is making me miss my parents.  They will be visiting the kids and my husband before leaving for Florida.  I will not get to see them before they go and I cannot tell you how upset this makes me. I have almost cried 3 times and I just cannot get over it.  To me if something ever happened, they are all I have.