So I met with a Health Nurse today. She did my BP sitting which was 132/80 and then standing which was 122/77. (To me the 132 is high for me. My norm is 117 to 110 over 80/70. When I am sick you definitely know. She also measured my waist. I want to say 52″. Tomorrow I am going to ask someone to do measurements all over. I know I said Monday but everyone went to bed so this week on Tuesday next week on Monday.

So….drumroll……..290.8……the largest I personally have ever been. I am embarrassed to say. There is nothing negative anyone can say because I have probably already said it to myself.


I know if I looked at that I would probably be disgusted. Which I am but I also realized I cannot be negative about it or it will not work.

My 4 year old had his one and only practice today. So that was fun. I volunteered to be his coach. He said no you aren’t Mommy. That guy is lol.

My kids are my life and I cannot be there for them if I stay how I am. I want them to be active and that’s hard to be if they are not.

Today is the start of something wonderful.