So I have been majorly watching what I eat now for 2 days and my mood is already greatly improved. I am thinking I believe in eat how you want to feel.

I have not done a major workout yet and honestly this week if I do it will be the weekend. Unless you count packing the Christmas Tree away. That probably will rack up the points.

I have had a bit of depression lately (it pains me to say). My parents are away until April and I hate to be away from them. Yes I am an only child. I am also an emotional person so when they are gone things are weird. I think the older I get the more it affects me.


My number one problem. I am mean to myself and my most negative opponent. No one is more negative about me but me. I decided I should work on that more than anything.

I keep thinking the 1st time I lost weight I wasn’t really being supported like I wanted to be. Not that I am this time but this time, I am different.