I don’t just mean tough with strength because that I am not.  Oh no where close to that.  I am a mess.  I have great leg strength but wimpy arm strength.  So my hubby is out of town so my sitter is helping tremendously.   She watched my kids today while I completed an online class.  SO on my way home at 11pm I asked her if her and her hubs wanted anything….


That would be both Taco Bell and McDonalds. So so so so much will power to not eat either of those.  Or order something myself.  I also convinced our sitter to do Zumba with me next week and I am so excited.

Every time I decide to watch what I eat I go crazy the days before with fast food. I cannot help it.  I am not saying that I won’t ever not eat fries or a taco again because honestly who am I kidding.  We all love junk food every now and then.  I haven’t really set up a cheat day or anything yet. 

So anyone else on this new weight loss journey?  Let me know your story.  Share your struggles.