As I wait for this page to load so I can begin typing yet again.  I hope I haven’t let the few of you that follow me down.  A lot has occurred since I last wrote.  I have lost quite a bit of family members, just age mostly.

Most importantly… my husband and I agreed that something had to be done.  We were struggling, well so I thought… WE…. nope I was struggling to be us.  So what did we do?  I finally convinced him after three years that we needed it….

Marriage Boot Camp

What can I say… AMAZING experience and highly recommended!!!!  I am a changed person, no it wasn’t us.  It was ME.  All 100% me.  I had to fix me first if I was going to fix us.  I am truly thankful for all those I met and those 39 other couples are now family.  Not just someone I met once but someone who knows my deepest and darkest and I would do anything for.

I cannot speak highly enough of MBC.  It just indescribable.  They even ask you what has Boot Camp meant to you and I told them, I am speechless.  I walked in the door thinking yep now when I go home and see the divorce lawyer I can say I tried everything.  Needless did I know I would walk out that door in love with the man I married again.  I feel blessed that we had that experience.

Now what really freaked me out is that I have never really been Godly or felt His existence.  I never really believed so much or even been hugely religious.  I went to Church with my Mamaw a lot when I was younger, mostly I think because I had fun and spent time with her.  I also joined out of college because I missed playing my violin and joined a larger church with a band so I could still play.   Anyway… long story short… they did something at Boot Camp and there was a moment where no one was behind me but I felt this embrace on my shoulders and like someone said I am there for you.  It was so odd.  I mean I know I sound crazy right now but it is truly one of those be there to believe it kind of things and experience it yourself.

So we drove to this boot camp and on the way home which took us about 7hrs, we talked the entire ride home with no radio!!!  I joked and said that is more than we have talked our whole marriage.  So on the way home we both admitted any debt that we had been keeping from the other and made the decision to Debt Snowball.

Married Couples

So there we are… we are on Step 2 of the Baby Steps and going strong.  Unfortunately my husband is a bit afraid that the “high” will wear off.  I am still on a MBC high and I plan to stay on it until death do us part.  So sorry babe you are stuck with me forever! lol

What is that you say?  Weight loss update?  Well I guess you will just have to wait.