So today has been an odd day, I was so sick this week I was at the Urgent Care twice and Hospital once.  Needless to say I still don’t feel quite well.  My husband had plans for about a month to go hang out with some friends.  As he got ready to leave my daughter had a meltdown.  She asked for hugs and kisses three times and I knew it wasn’t going to work.

So he came back in and tried to put the kids to bed and that didn’t work either.  So he brought them down, we watched a Turtle’s Tale and they fell asleep.  (he left after he brought them down btw).  Oh my poor baby boy was scared of the movie.  I felt so bad.

I feel the need to vent because if it was him that had been sick all week, I wouldn’t have left.  I even asked him the last time he saw this guy he was going to see.  (Mostly because I have never heard of him let alone seen him hang out.)

I know this is a short one today but I am exhausted, sick, bored, sad, lonely, shall I go on…….