So I may or may not have mentioned that two days ago, my son head-butted my nose.  He is 4 going on 10.  He is a solid little man and I love him dearly.  Every day he tells me sorry because he knows it still hurts.  It hurts so bad I cannot sleep very well.  Not that I sleep well anyway.  (My head is about to explode as I type and you read.)

So weightloss…. do you really want to hear about that?  I mean really?

Okay okay… so there is none.  Going to NYC for three months really screwed me up.  Mentally, physically, family wise, relationship wise, etc.  Oh wow oh wow.  I still am not sure if I know what I am doing.

So… I might have mentioned we are debt snowballing and with that comes budget cuts.  That includes groceries.  We are a family of five and I decided that we can all eat on $300 a month.  Now my husband whom I thought was on board doesn’t seem to agree with $300 so much.  Well the point of this short story is that by budgeting we both thought we could watch our portions and eat not so junky like.  (My new word… junky.)  Needless to say it doesn’t seem to be working either.  I keep getting cravings…

Cravings such as the brownies that my three year old and I made.  Now when these brownies first came out they were amazing.  However I used a different brand Cocoa than normal (not that I am blaming the cocoa) but it is now 2 days later and I think they are horrible.  They flattened and don’t taste as good.  I seem to still eat more than one helping a day though.  I am sweet sucker what can I say.

What I wouldn't give for this right now.
What I wouldn’t give for this right now.

So remember our budget…. it doesn’t involve eating out or entertainment period.  We cannot afford it.  I would still love some fast food anyway.  Well you know what maybe not but I would like to eat out somewhere.  I think I can pass on the fast food.

Ahhh food… do I live to eat or eat to live?  I think we both know the answer to the question when it is involving me.

I know I used this before but I so need to take this to heart!!!