Well I don’t know about where you are but where I am it is 6:31 in the am on Wednesday.  Well now it is 6:36 because Baby Boy woke up.  He went and crawled into our bed.  (Why am I not in there you ask? We will get to that issue.)  Okay maybe we will get to that now.  I haven’t been able to sleep lately.  Lots on my mind.

I have been in a lot of pain the last few weeks, even months.  Nothing really seems to calm it, not Tylenol, not any prescribed pain killer.  When I was in the hospital they gave me Morphine…. not to self do not ever ever take Morphine again. (makes me sick to my stomach and become a not so nice person).  So lately I just stay awake in pain and sleep when I can sleep.  Although I am a toss and turn lady lately.  I do have to admit that part of me thinks if my weight was down I would not have so much pain.

I realize that by me being in the state that I am that I affect all that is around me.  My precious children, my amazing husband, and my most awesome live-in baby-sitter and her husband.

I might have mentioned lately that we are debt-snowballing so we are on a very strict budget.  With that budget in place I have three Brides/Bachelorette’s/Bridal Shower etc… two of which I am the host.  How do you host parties on a budget?  Wow oh wow.  I have some ideas and homemade crafts I believe I am going to try to do.  It would be amazing to see if I get away with doing them both for $20.00 each.  You know what I CAN DO IT!!!!

Pin It

Pinterest helps with the ideas, and lack of sleep.  Once I get started I never seem to want to go to sleep.  I love Pinterest and yes I know it is basically the same as Google, just prettier.  🙂  Netflix also helps keep me awake too.  Right now I am on Season 2 of NCIS (I watch it all the time but I like going straight through a series.) Episode 8.  Umm…. yeah so I started watching 3 days ago.  lol

So I am party of a House Party… Shimmer and Shine… the kids are so so so so so so excited.  I cannot put enough so’s in there.  When I say kids, I mean all three of them from age 3 to 9.  Yes even the 9 year old.  Wow oh wow… so since we are having other kids over I keep thinking of how to decorate… don’t worry I will post photos in a later blog and let you know how it went.  I thought I might use some of these signs for the Popcorn Bar… now just to get them made….

Popcorn Sign Images

I always strive to be the best Mom and Wife that I can be and I really don’t feel like I have done that the past few years.  I think I have thought more about me and sleeping then anyone else.  I cannot wait to go see the Doctor Thursday and help that there is some big explanation!!  I need it.  I need to know I am not mental.  Or am I?