Wow oh wow!!! I didn’t realize how much fun today was going to be until it was over.  So we all woke up on time… why I say all…. short story time….

…….So I guess I was depressed, anxious, panic attack.  I really don’t know.  I didn’t feel so good and was miserable.  So much that I would sleep until noon or sleep all day and night and never get out of bed. Okay back on track…

So today the first time in awhile, we got up together as a family.  We had what little breakfast we had in the house.  For Izzy and Will it was cereal with milk.  For Mommy…. a frozen Banquet Breakfast Pot Pie thing.  For Daddy remains of Izzy’s cereal and milk.  For Nick… a bar (Will used to be the bar guru but the manufacturer changed as did the bar and yuck!).

So Nick started off a little horrible this AM so we decided not to go to our Meet-Up Group which is a Mom’s Group… an amazing set of Moms.  Anyway today’s I was the host and we finally made it to.  It is what we call Touch-A-Truck.  All kinds of vehicles are in one location for kids to get in and sit in the seat where who ever operates the truck does.  Lots of horns honking and gadgets to play with.  I think our 3 year old loved it more, she wanted to get in them all.  The favorites were a Trolley and a School Bus.

The family riding the Choo-Choo at Touch-A-Truck.
The family riding the Choo-Choo at Touch-A-Truck.

So as I might have mentioned before we doing a debt snowball… or should I say debt avalanche.  We are fans of Dave Ramsey though.  Visit his website and listen to some archives yourself.  Gets you motivated to fix your life up.  So I sold a few items in case the kids found something they wanted at the Touch-A-Truck.  They also do a community yard sale at the same time.  Instead of them finding something we ended up at McDonalds afterwards.

The kids love McDonalds.  Which Will used to call DeeDaws.  Izzy and Will even themselves out.  Usually we do kids meals but again… budget budget.  I spent $20.24…. 20 pc nugget, 2 lg fries, 4 waters, 1 LG drink, 2 McDoubles (specialized), 1 McChicken, and a million ranch and BBQ later! (Did somebody say McDonalds?)

We finally made it home where the hubs was going to mow but I begged him to stay for family time.  It wasn’t really family time… it started off as playing a new Wii game which of course wasn’t fair for Will against Nick.  I wanted to play but didn’t seem warranted.

Loads of laundry, YouTube videos later… my kids are addicted to You Tube Toy Review videos.  Izzy actually talks the same when she plays a lot.  She wishes it was her on those videos.  I can tell.  SO so sweet.  DINNER TIME….

I decided upon breakfast for dinner.  Or as a TV show called it Brinner.  (Name that show.) I fixed scrambled eggs, sausage links (Banquet brand of course), pancakes, homemade fries, and chicken patties (I had the grease going so we fixed the remaining frozen ones).  Delicious… although what I got was the fries still aren’t crispy.  Nick said awesome pancakes; they were magazine worthy.

Yes my daughter made me eat on a tray... and she ate off her pancake and switched mine.  Also... yes I put ketchup on my eggs.
Yes my daughter made me eat on a tray… and she ate off her pancake and switched mine. Also… yes I put ketchup on my eggs.

We always watch a show before bedtime and even though it was already 30 min past bedtime we went ahead.  The kids picked out Lego Friends.  I have to say it was kind of cute.  Now right now it is 11:39pm EST and my baby girl is sitting next to me on the couch sniffing and watching YouTube videos.  She took too long of a nap earlier in the evening.  Every now and then I look over and she sees me and grins the biggest most sweetest smile.  Reminds me why I am so so lucky.