So as a woman always looking to find the easy way to weight-loss, I strolled upon a website and a lady named Lisa Carpenter.  So far I want to run and hug the woman whom I have never met.  I have just watched a few of her videos.  The first thing she told us to do was to write down how we currently feel… she gave a suggested list… well I wrote down 27 feelings.  Some of those feelings include frustrated, insecure, self-conscious, annoyed, hurt, inadequate, etc.  I could go on but I am sure that these are some of the same feelings that you all have.

So after I wrote all of these feelings down, she asked us to write down how we wanted to feel.  So I wanted to come up with at least 27 feelings if not more and match them (as she suggested) to their opposite word.  I came up with 24.  I still need opposite words of frustrated, annoyed, and hurt.  The common ones I used elsewhere, maybe a bad idea.  I like the idea of focusing on how I want to feel and not on what I need to stop doing or get rid of so to speak.  A different approach to my thinking is what I have always needed.

So at one point or another in her emails to me… or mass emails, she asks us to write her back, so one day I did.  She said she answers them personally.  (IDK if that is true but if so pretty awesome.)  The first few things she said to me hit pretty hard.

I don’t need fixing!!!!

Why don’t I care enough about myself to take care of me?

Now obviously I should have taken time out to watch the videos and read her emails when they came, which I kind of did, but since I do most of my checking on my phone I don’t read the longer ones, I figure I can use the laptop when I get time to do so.

Why don’t I care enough about me?!?  That is one hell of a question!!  I have no idea how to answer that.  I should care about me.  I think I tend to care about everyone else around me but me.  It is finally my turn to care about me.

So her 2nd video came out… It basically asks the following questions:

  • What do I want?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • Why do I want it?
  • Why is it important for me to feel this way?

She stated we need to go for inspiration and not motivation.  Totally 100% makes sense, go for what we want and how we feel.  Focus on moving forward.  I can honestly say I have never felt inspired like I am now.

How do you want to feel?

So Lisa’s next advice is to keep track of what food I eat.  Which well lets me honest, I only kind of do.  I have My Fitness Pal.  Feel free to look me up… my user name is WINBabies300.  I could always use more and more support.  Who ever says no to moral support.  She also made a point to say this, “Can you imagine the financial mayhem that would ensue if you never checked your bank account balance or tracked money coming in and out?
How about if you never de-cluttered your house?”  What an amazing point.

So I have decided that yes I am going to use My Fitness Pal but I am also going to write it down.   SO feel free to share how you are doing with any journey you are on, fitness or otherwise.