Well Lisa Carpenter said to keep the food log… so I figure what better way then to post what I eat on here and how my eating habits are.  Since I was up so dang on late last night I went to bed late.  Once I headed up to bed the 9yr old woke up so I was with him for a bit not sleeping.  Finally asleep and my husband has to get up so then I am awake.  (I was still a little mad at him so I didn’t move or act like I was awake.  Sorry babe.)  Then again… 30 minutes after I was asleep again, little boy comes walking in and saying he wanted to sleep with me.  I tried putting him in his own bed but it didn’t work so in to bed with me he goes.  Then about 1.5hrs later our amazing sitter came in and got him to get ready for Pre-School.  (Random thought – he came home exhausted and fell asleep on the couch.)

So why did I tell you all of that you ask?  Well I slept until about 1pm and didn’t eat breakfast.  So my eating day started about 2pm.  I put in a frozen pizza.

Normal Serving Size = 1-2 slices of pizza

My Serving Size = 5 slices of pizza with 4 Tbsp of Ranch Dressing

Drink = 2 glasses of Tea (sweetened with artificial sweetener)

Now exercise for the day just included working on decluttering for our yard sale and doing loads of laundry.  So the pizza made me feel too full because I am not sure why I ate the 4th and 5th slice of pizza.  I was watching Netflix and eating so that is probably why.  I am slightly sleepy now too so I guess it has the tired affect on me as well.

So how was your breakfast and lunch?  I told you mine.

Well my day continued interestingly enough with not a lot of excitement.  Sorry to disappoint.  I did fix dinner for the kiddos and the hubs but I wasn’t hungry by then since I ate around 2pm.  They ate around 6pm.  I did manage to drink a few glasses of tea; again with that artificial sweetener.

Finally around 10pm I had dinner….

3 Slices of Pizza left over from Lunch (no ranch this time)

The remains of the bottom of a Ranch Doritos Bag

Pink Lemonade (Crystal Light)

So that is my food for the day.  Not much huh… no snacking during the day at all, I kept myself mostly busy for the times I was awake.  So I did enter everything into MyFitness Pal too… did you notice I didn’t eat much food?  However my caloric intake for today was around 1700.  WOW!!!!!

So Lisa makes a point in her day to day emails that we are not changing anything up yet, we are just using it to understand why we eat what we eat and the serving size, etc.  (My first thought now was budget… feel free to read my other blog posts about Debt and $$$.)

So how did your day size up?  Did you keep yourself accountable and write down what you ate?  Feel free to share it with me… no judging as you can see what I ate.  😦  Don’t worry I will work on it.  I know where I want to go, she just says not to go there just yet.

So I was going to end this post with the last sentence above.  Then I started creating tags and a category for this post and I realized… that today I am happy.  (Other things with today has made me upset and in tears).  For this moment and this subject, I am happy.  Wow what a good feeling.