Well good morning, good morning.  Yeah I am singing that tune.

Breakfast @10:00am (after waking at 7:30am to two sweet little voices)

Michelina’s Frozen Spicy Chicken Alfredo – 1

Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion Chips – 2 servings (These were extremely salty.)

Drink of choice:  Water and more Water

So it is about 1.5hrs later.  Right now I am feeling extremely tired.  It could be that I didn’t go to bed until 2am or it could be the food choice I made.  Who knows really?  I have no plans of when to eat next or what I am going to eat.  That is what I normally do, no plan, no information on what to do later.

Did I say I had no plans to eat anymore?  I forgot to mention that about 11:15 I needed something sweet so I had 5 pieces of dark chocolate (small tiny squares from a baking bag), and a handful of stuck together marshmallows.  The dark chocolate was too much for me so I had to take it down a notch with the marshmallows.

Now the real question with those marshmallows….this morning at about 9am Will said, Mommy I am hungry can I have marshmallows.  My reply to him was what about something better like grapes?  He said no marshmallows.  So I now think of ….

  1. Why do I care so much about my children’s health and what they eat and not myself?  Yes I know I care about them like crazy.
  2. I told him no and I made up something.  I needed to do dishes from a previous nights dinner.  So I said as soon as I am done with the dishes you can have some.  Knowing good and well that my parents would be at the house to pick up my precious babies before he could actually have some, thus avoiding his sugary fix this morning. So why would I eat them not even more after a hour from my Breakfast so to speak?
My handsome boy... I have no pants to go with that cute little PJ shirt so he wore it just like that. lol
My handsome boy… I have no pants to go with that cute little PJ shirt so he wore it just like that. lol
My beautiful princess.... I have to admit I still can't believe I helped make her.
My beautiful princess…. I have to admit I still can’t believe I helped make her.

I am very adamant about my children have 3 meals and possibly two snacks during the day as well.  Now I try to make sure they snack on fruit and veggies (if they like them).  My type of snack is chips, crackers, or chocolate.  I even ate half of a half of my husbands Reese Cup.  Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it was a 2lb package so it was a lot.  (Sorry babe.)  I still do not know what happened to the rest of it.  He said he ate one half and asked where the other went.  The kids wouldn’t eat it and our sitter doesn’t like PB.  So that leaves her hubby but I seriously doubt he would have done that.  WTH do I know! lol

So today’s message from Lisa Carpenter is that I do not need to be fixed and that there is nothing wrong with me.  I so need to hear that, almost every single day.  I wish I could save that video she posted.  Feel free to check her out!!  However just because she is what is currently inspiring me does not mean that it will work for you.  Just like Weight Watchers works for people, Jenny Craig works for people, what works for one may not work for others.  Believe me I have tried just about all of them.

A few friends of mine email me to join their challenges.  I have about 20 Beach Body Coach friends…so they all try to recruit me.  I have to be honest everyone knows I do not have the money so when they keep saying but it is your health.  I want to punch someone in the face.  I cannot afford to spend extra money towards something when I can just change my habits.

Another friend of mine has lost a great amount of weight and she is a Transform30 and Juice Plus girl.  Honestly I was looking into Juice Plus once, we went to a Kids Fair and someone was representing them there.

Lunch at approx 1pm

Remains of some homemade Fries I made (approx 1 baked potato)

Some seasoning salt on top

I used ketchup packets that we had brought home from multiple restaurants (mainly McDonalds)

Whole Wheat Chef Boy Ardee Meatballs and ABC Pasta

Drink of Choice:  More Water

Not feeling the artificial sweetener today, I feel the need to drink a lot of water.  Also do not judge me based on my food choice of Chef Boy Ardee… I didn’t know what else to eat and we are limited on food choices here. It is actually quite yummy and didn’t need any seasoning.

(Sorry we had a hubby/wife time and I forgot to post and finish this yesterday so you will get quite a few posts form me today.)

So dinner……

2 hot dogs on honey wheat bread (yeah Hoosiers don’t do buns) w/ Ketchup and Relish

Few handfuls of Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion Chips


Now I know what you are thinking, she is drinking a lot of water that is a plus.  Yeah not really my usual but we are out of soft drinks and probably won’t spend anymore on them.  Besides they are bad for me, I know.  Believe me I know because everyone tells me to stop.  To me soft drinks and overeating is an addiction, just like anything else.  Now I do always go for caffeine free diet drinks.  However I know they are just as bad as regular.  I just don’t like regular to me they are too sweet.


I don’t always do dessert but sometimes it just sounds wonderful.  My husband is an ice cream sucker.  However the kids do ask for it every now and then.  The good news is we usually just do a small scoop.  We use the Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scoop.  It is amazing!!!  I love that thing.  It gets through the most frozen amount of ice cream.

So can you tell we had ice cream for dessert?  I had 3 scoops of Kroger Brand vanilla.

Our available grocery stores are Kroger, Jay-C (owned by Kroger), Meijer, Walmart, Aldi’s, Sav-A-Lot, Dollar General, and Family Dollar.  Of course there are gas stations where you can pick up groceries and a few mom and pop stores.  When we visit Florida we seem addicted to Winn Dixie and Publix.