Oh my goodness gracious!! Well for some reason my computer decided to go nuts and block the website.  I even tried a different browser.  NO matter what I was going nuts these last few days not being able to write anything.  I was going to download the app and type it on my phone, but that would have taken forever with all the thoughts roaming around in my head.  To be honest I have to go back to my own site and read where I left off to see where to write now!  I do not want to repeat myself that is for sure….. so this is just a read into what should have been Day 5… look for my next post in regards to that.

Again so sorry that I have been away for a few.  I think we downloaded a virus.  Although after 5 programs being ran it found nothing.  😦  I need to fix my laptop so I do not have to use my husbands anymore.  Any takers? 🙂