Yeah!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We have reached that last day of our logging test!!! 🙂  I don’t know about you guys but I knew how horrible I ate.  Wait until you see what I had for breakfast this morning! lol  If you guys don’t know how you eat or your eating habits maybe you did this challenge with me and realized you really really do need to make a change.  Or maybe you realized you are doing things okay but need to change up something else in your life.  Whatever it is we did it together.


1 Vanilla Frosted Cupcake

Diet Caffeine Free Coke (1 can)

Hey do not judge me!!!  I still had a 5.00 gift card for a local bakery and I never knew when I was going to use it, so while Will was in preschool, Izzy and I went to the library.  Afterwards we grabbed 2 cupcakes; which honestly I thought she would eat one and Will the other.  When we were all back home to eat it it turns out that WIll wanted the chocolate cupcake with the pink icing and so did Izzy and neither of them wanted the white cake.  SO I didn’t plan on eating that cupcake.  Since I didn’t eat anything before we left the cupcake then became my breakfast.


1 Banquet Country Fried Steak Meal (added spray butter for flavoring)

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade w/ Ice

I kept lunch light since I overloaded on breakfast.  After lunch I was hoping the kids would watch a DVD that we picked up at the library but that didn’t happen either.  Instead they were both on their tablets.  Believe it or not the DVD was having to do with the body and that if you do not take care of it who will.  They looked up every now and then but not a lot.  SO I am going to have to make it a lesson plan.

No snacks since or anything else, although I am dying for a glass of water.



Yeah so I was feeling not so well so didn’t eat much else.  😦  So during this challenge I found out that soft drinks bother me way too much to drink them.  Taste good yes, but they are not really worth it.  My headaches aren’t as bad.  (btw since my computer went down I am typing this as if it was the Final Day of Logging; not today)  So no more soft drinks diet or otherwise.

So how many fruits and vegetables did you have while logging?  Water intake?  Exercise?

dark leafy greens