Well… to say that I am happy as all get out would be an understatement as you can probably tell from the title of this post.

Why you ask?!?

  1. I cannot get this damn website to post every day as I want.  I try to on my tablet or phone and the typing starts to drive me nuts… SERIOUSLY!
  2. I am not bringing in any money to us as a family other than selling things here and there and delivering cupcakes for a friends business.
  3. I want to be doing something while raising my children.  I feel like I am not good enough for the family.

Someone suggested once that I try to get a pill.  However to me I think anything like this can be dealt with without drugs.  It is one reason why I kind of threw a fit when my husband and his ex-wife decided to put our oldest on ADHD meds.  I felt like it was a structure thing and that he just needed more of that and discipline.

I can tell you one thing…. when I decided to not go back to my job I felt 100% better!  I am over not getting what I deserve and being treated like crap by promises that will never ever happen.  Eventually I get frustrated and well that’s that.  The good news is that I don’t work there anymore.  Now if I lived in another state I would go work the company in heart beat as I love love love the managers in another state or two.

So since I don’t feel that I am useful enough… the things that do calm me down are….

  • taking my kiddos to the library
  • taking them to meet-ups with my most awesome Moms group
  • playing a few online games
  • surfing Pinterest
  • Finding crafts and learning activities for the kids
  • always researching anything and everything I can find to make myself a better mother
  • reading library books to better myself as a mother and parent

I think I shall leave things here.  Short and sweet.