Well I am a large girl who loves her carbs that is for sure. Thanks to Kroger I was able to try something I had wanted to for awhile. They gave me a coupon for one of their frozen snacks.  The original cost was over 4.00.  I picked the BBQ Pork Potato Skins!!

What could go wrong right?  Well I will first show to u the photo and then tell you why I will never purchase them again. Sorry Kroger, you are awesome in other ways just not this one.


So these are three of the five that were in the box. There was my first disappointment, only five. Well if the entire family liked them that is one per person and they are about 1.00 a piece. If you can tell the skin is prominent and the meat and cheese in them is lacking. When I get a potato skin I expect it to be full and plump. Not naked or on a diet. If I wanted very little food I would not have purchased them.

The taste was not horrible but also not very good either. Now the other two:


Not as bad right. Still not as full as I would have liked. I am sure we could have taken the topping and made a small sandwich and stuffed them ourselves. However if I buy potato skins that say on the box they are full of BBQ Pork I expect it to have more than a small plop.  (YES I love my English grammar too. :))