Well it’s 4:33 pm in the afternoon and it is a Saturday when most families are out doing something and being active.  So why do I start with that?  Well because my boys are playing with Lego’s on the floor and my husband, daughter, and I are sitting on the couch messing on the computer or tablet and watching Phineas and Ferb.  We seem to be having a Phineas and Ferb marathon.

All of a sudden it hit me, what I want for my children is for them to be active and happy and busy.  So how are they going to do that if my husband and I are sitting on the couch being lazy and not doing a dang on thing.  I mean we all feel perfectly fine with the exception of my daughter who says she doesn’t feel well (but is acting normal).

Yet I still sit here and write this.  How do you get out of the lazy funk once you have been in it so long?  How do you get up off your lazy bum and get to moving?  How do you show your children that being active is important and that you do not want them to grow up like you?

I don’t want my children to sit on the couch when they are older and it hurts me that I am not down playing with them or getting them to do something.  Why am I still sitting here you say?  Well I guess to put it heavily, I am lazy.  So how do I get out of this lazy funk that I have been in since 2006?  (At least that is the way I feel.)

I used to love to do things and be motivated.  During the week I do clean and work on the house by cleaning and maintaining.  Then I sit and watch the kids play, that’s not quality time.  Now when we were on vacation in Florida I was up every morning at a decent time, I played with the kids, I gave them baths, I was there mom again and I was happy.  So is moving the answer?  (I have said before I want to move because where we are to me makes me stuck in a funk.  I am so so so much happier in Florida.  Fresher air, happier me!